3 Powerful Ways To Gain Weight Fast (Stolen From Pro Bodybuilders!)

posted by troy adashun
1 year ago

A lot of naturally skinny guys struggle each bulking season – and search the internet far and wide for ways to gain weight fast.

The truth is, gaining weight fast is the easiest thing in the world to do regardless of your body type.

I don’t care if you are the skinniest dude at your gym, and your elbows crack when you lift the bar. This 3 Step Blueprint will help you gain weight very quickly!

Now, the first step to putting your body in an ideal weight gaining state is to crush your compound lifts – and follow a workout strategy some like this.

The next step is you will need to eat a calorie surplus, and hit about 500 calories above your maintenance calories. A good rule of thumb if you have a super fast metabolism and you are active is to take your body weight and multiply it by 19. This is how many calories you need to eat to gain weight fast!

So if you are a 200 lb. guy – you need to be eating 3,800 calories to be in a prime muscle building and weight gain state.

Seems like a lot of calories – right?

I thought so too – so i decided to come up with 3 easy nutrition hacks that will allow you to eat an extra 2,250 calories PER DAY! Yes – that is not a typo.

Follow these 3 weight gain hacks – and you will be packing on slabs of dense muscle weight in no time.

I recommend any naturally skinny guy follow these 3 tips to gain weight fast. Let’s dive right into it.

Top 3 Ways To Gain Weight Fast


1. Omega 3 Packed Seeds

One of the easiest ways to add in another 500 calories to your diet each day, is throwing in a few tbsp. of hemp seeds and/or chia seeds to your meals.

These little nutrition bombshells are so easy to incorporate into any meal – including protein shakes and smoothies. You can toss them on top of rice and chicken, over your grandma’s Chili recipe, and even in taco’s!

The beauty of Chia Seeds and hemp seeds is that they are loaded with protein, healthy fats, and omega 3 fatty acids. It’s a proven fact that Omega 3’s help you raise your testosterone levels – so you get the added benefit of extra calories and extra Testosterone!


2. Olive Oil on Everything

If you are a skinny dude you should be putting olive oil on everything, and also cooking with it. Not only is it one of the healthiest oils in the world and delicious – but just 1 tbsp. packs in 120 calories. Did I mention its also one of the top 10 testosterone boosting foods? (See a theme here yet?)

Cooking eggs in the morning? Throw 2 tbsp. of olive oil on the skillet and add in an extra 240 calories. Having chicken and rice for lunch? Throw in 2 tbsp. of olive oil over your chicken and rice to add moisture and flavor and another 240 calories.

Cooking a steak for dinner? Marinate it in 2 tbsp. olive oil and some garlic and you scored yourself another 240 calories! See how easy that was to include almost 750 additional calories EACH DAY?!

3. Mass Building Smoothies

If you have a blender and some creativity you have the ultimate machine that can whip you up 1,000 calories of anabolic greatness in less than 2 minutes.

Incorporating mass building smoothies is one of the best ways to gain weight fast as you can include a wide variety of calorie-dense ingredients.

Try consuming this delicious chocolate peanut butter mass builder – and you pack in over 7,000 extra calories every single week.

“Chocolate Peanut Butter Mass Builder” 

Total Calories: 1,200

-2 Cups Chocolate Almond milk

– 2 tbsp liquid coconut oil (Or MCT Oil)
– 2 tbsp hemp seeds
– 2 tbsp peanut butter or Almond Butter
– 1 Frozen Banana
– 1 scoop protein powder
– 5 grams creatine powder
– 1/4 Oatmeal

Muscle Up With This

Now that you know 3 easy ways to pack in over 2000 extra calories each day I want to reward you for actually being a BOSS and making it to the end of the article.

CLICK HERE to grab a 100% free NFL Style Push-Pull workout. This is the type of push/pull workout that NFL draftees will do before the NFL combine – and it’s something I learned while training at IMG academy.

Hope you enjoy – and let me know how much weight you gain from these tips!