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How To Lose The MAX Amount Of Belly Fat in One Week | 3 Step Cheat-List!

posted by troy adashun
5 months ago
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How To Lose Belly Fat in One Week? Follow each step as they have a synergistic effect on each other and together will produce amazing fat loss results!

Step 1: Training

The goal of step 1 is to boost crucial fat burning hormones in the body to keep burning fat 24 hours post workout using high intensity training strategies.

You will aim to do 6 x training sessions per week. 3 will be incorporating High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and the other 3 will incorporate weighted sessions focusing on compound movements with short rest times in the 8 – 12 repetition range.


Weighted Workouts

Workout 1 = Push

Focus on the compound lifts such as: Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Close Grip Bench Press, and Weighted Dips.

Workout 2 = Pull

Focus on the compound movements such as: Deadlifts, Barbell Row, Weighted Pull Ups and Dumbbell One Arm Rows or Seated Rows.

Workout 3 = Legs

Focus on the compound movements such as: Squats, Leg Press, Weighted Lunges and Dumbbell Step Ups.

It is important to do these sessions with high intensity. Aim to have a 45 second rest breaks between each set and no more. These sessions should last up to 45 minutes.

HIIT Workouts

Look out for my upload later this week where I show you my exact routine you can perform 3 x per week for maximum fat loss during and up to 24 hours after the workout.

Step 2: Nutrition

The goal of step 2 it to compound the effects from the Training strategy discussed in Step 1 to put the body in an optimal fat burning environment for the best fat loss results.

To do this we must ensure insulin levels are low over a 16-hour window each day. Anytime you consume carbohydrates you cause your insulin levels to spike. To avoid this, follow the following protocol:

16 -window: Consume Protein, vegies and healthy fats

8-hour Carbohydrate window: Consume the right carbohydrates that do not spike insulin.

For the top Protein, Fat and Carb sources watch my video here – https://youtu.be/RUsxYuuX5iI

Calculating your macros: To calculate your macros, use the following calculator: http://macronutrientcalculator.com/

For the purpose of losing as much fat as possible during the 1-week period select “low carb”. Your macro breakdown will look like this:

Carbohydrates = 25%

Protein = 45%

Fats = 30%

Step 3: X-Factors

X-Factor #1 – Supplementation

As you will be training in a caloric deficit and performing intense workouts on your body, you will be depleting it from crucial electrolytes.

It is important to replenish these lost electrolytes so the body recovers and performs optimally.

To do this I recommend supplementing with the following ingredients:

  1. ZMA – Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. Take this formula before bed.
  2. Melatonin – Take this before bed.
  3. Matcha Green Tea – High in ECGC, great for fat burning. Consume throughout the day.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar. Take this with each meal during your high carb window.


X-Factor #2 – Sleep

Often the most under looked factor to achieving fat loss results but one of the most important.

You should be aiming to have 7-8 hours of sleep per night and no less than 6 hours for the best results. The quality of sleep is equally as important as Growth Hormone is secreted during deep REM sleep putting the body in a fat burning environment.

Furthermore, irregular or disturbed sleep causes insulin resistance which we want to avoid for optimal fat loss results.


X-Factor #3 – Thermogenics

These are not a miracle pill, however if you have step 1 and 2 above dialled in then these will add 10-20% to your fat loss results.

Look for products that contain the following ingredients in effective dosages:

  • Caffeine
  • Yohimbine
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • L-Carnatine
  • Dandeloin Root

I created both Alpha Shredder and Alpha Dreams to help people burn as much fat as possible, recover from training and to maintain as much muscle mass while in a caloric deficit and performing intense workouts.

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