Top 5 Essential Exercises to Have an Aesthetic Body | Building an Aesthetic Physique Part 1/3

posted by troy adashun
8 months ago
model with aesthetic body

So you want to build an aesthetic body that makes women want to rip off their panties?

That’s good dude! Join the club 🙂

It has become my mission to sculpt an aesthetic body ever since I went on a disastrous High-School date. The girl I went with was salivating over Ryan Reynolds shirtless physique the entire movie.

Ever since then I realized I wanted to look aesthetic and attractive to women. I mean – what guy doesn’t?

The good news is building an aesthetic physique is actually really easy with the right approach.

Here at Alpha Lion we are so passionate about Aesthetics that you will see this article is only part 1 of 3.

Make sure to check out part 2 and part 3 after you read this.

This article will give you the foundation of the 5 best aesthetic exercises. Are you ready to build an aesthetic body? Let’s dive into it!

How To Incorporate these Exercises into your Aesthetic Workout Routine

These are the 5 exercises that will give you the most bang for your buck when sculpting an aesthetic body. If you want the simplest workout routine of all time simply do 5-10 sets of these exercises each week. Focus each week on progressive overload and increasing the weight that you use.

If you are interested in a full 30-day aesthetic workout program check out this article after you read this.

That will take you to the complete beginner’s guide to aesthetic bodybuilding and show you a very simple 30-day workout routine you can follow.

Top 5 Exercises to Build an Aesthetic Body – Do these every week!

1. Weighted Pull-Up Variations

There are actually two kinds of weighted pull ups that I recommend if you are trying to sculpt an aesthetic physique. I decided to put these in the same category.

Don’t worry if you can’t do weighted pull ups as they are actually very challenging for a beginner. Stick with the bodyweight variation until you can do about 10 repetitions of each.

Wide grip pull-ups: This exercises his the upper lats and creates the ultimate action figure physique. The combination of 3d deltoids, wide upper lats, and a small waist creates the illusion of an aesthetic body.

That is why pull-ups become such an important exercise in your aesthetic workout routine.

Underhand Grip Pull-Ups: This pull-up variation puts a lot more emphasis on the biceps and hits the lats at the same time. If you have lagging bicep muscles this exercise will help you actually more than most bicep shaper exercises.

2. Overhead Pressing

The deltoids are such an important part of sculpting an aesthetic body. This is why you need to hit the lateral head of the shoulder muscles with some overhead pressing, and strive to get stronger on this movement each workout.

The 2 best ways to incorporate overhead pressing into your workouts are with the standing straight bar military press movement, or the seated dumbbell shoulder press movement.

Both of these exercises will help you sculpt an aesthetic physique by getting those 3d deltoids!

3. Barbell Incline Bench Press

If you want to have an aesthetic physique you want to make sure you have that plate of armor looking chest. This is what really makes your physique “pop” when you are shirtless. Sadly – the bench press exercise that most guys focus on only develops the lower chest.

If you want the most impressive physique possible when you are shirtless you need to put way more effort into sculpting the upper chest.

The barbell incline bench press will give you an epic upper chest so you can look aesthetic at the beach, with a V-Neck on, or rocking a tank top.

4. Bicycle Crunches

When it comes to training your abdominals most of the typical floor training exercises do nothing but hurt your lower back or engage your hip flexors.

The bicycle crunch exercise is one of my favorites because it activates every muscle in your abdominals including your obliques if you do it the right way.

Make sure to go slow and controlled and keep your feet slightly off the ground by about 6 inches. Touch your elbows to your knees and focus on a mind-muscle connection with your abdominals the entire time.

This one is a killer!

5. Sprints

This may be a surprising addition to the list but hear me out. Sprints are proven to be the best type of cardio for burning belly fat and boosting muscle building AND fat loss hormones.

Did you know that sprints boost 8 of your body’s most important aesthetic hormones?

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I actually created an entire program called Science Of Abs which is based around the breath-taking science associated with High-intensity interval training.

The simplest thing you can do is run 6-10 sprints 2-3 times per week. Sprint for 10-15 seconds and rest for 30-45 seconds between sets.

This may sound simple but it’s actually pretty challenging.

If you want to have an aesthetic physique you 100% MUST be around 8-10 percent body fat. What’s the point of sculpting these muscles if you have an ugly layer of fat covering them?

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